Thanksgiving weekend – day 3

A Fishing Reunion Back story

In the early ’70s, there was but one bass club in the state — Central Connecticut Bassmasters. Ernie Grant and I both applied for membership at about the same time, and since we were the only two members from the western side of the state, we rode to meetings together, […]

Weekend after Thanksgiving – day two

Quick and to the point — I’ve got to get some rest for tomorrow.

Steve & I went out at 7, and fished until about 3. Cold early. Cold and windy mid-day. Colder and windier later.

Fishing was stupendously good. We put 231 stripers in the boat between us.

Caught ’em deep, caught ’em shallow. […]

Thanksgiving weekend – day one.

Traditionally, the 3 day weekend following the Thanksgiving holiday — often including the morning of Thanksgiving day as well — has been a fishing bonanza for me. Unless I ran into a really stunning bite I wanted to capitalize on by returning to the same place the next day, I would often fish three different […]

Weekend before Thanksgiving — Sunday, 11/21

Yesterday was about as different from the day before as could be.

Water temp down to 43. Put in at Derby, and looked for the school of fish I found just off the first drop-off downstream from the ramp yesterday. Not there. But I saw a few scattered fish here and there, so I dropped […]

Weekend before Thanksgiving — Saturday, 11/20

This is the weekend we typically start catching schoolies in the Housatonic. This year we’ve been banging them since Halloween. Counting today, I’m up to 489 of them so far this fall. No idea why they came in so early, so I’m just enjoying taking advantage of it.

Anyway, the water’s down to 44 degrees. […]