Halloween Schoolies

Alex went with me to the Housy today, to make sure that yesterday’s early schoolies weren’t some kind of fluke. They weren’t.

We expect these things to hit the river for the winter some time around Thanksgiving. Here it is Halloween, and we’re catching them one after another. This morning, between 7:30 and 11:30, we […]

The best laid plans…

My buddy Steve & I set out this morning with a solid gameplan. Put in at Branford and try to hammer the stripers. If that wasn’t working, we had a bucket of crabs in the boat, and plan B involved tautog.

Steve still has a full bucket of crabs.

It was one striper after another […]

The rest of the weekend

As I mentioned In Saturday’s blog, the smallie fishing at Ti was good, but not what we expected. Tom’s been fishing a couple lakes not-too-far away for tiger muskies with some success, and we decided to hit one of them on Sunday, rather than spend another day sitting on the smallie wintering holes near Ticonderoga.


Late season smallies at Champlain

Tom & I fish the Ticonderoga area for big smallies every year in late October and early November. It can be an awesome bite when those brown bass get set up in their wintering holes. Unfortunately, despite 46 to 48 degree water, they don’t appear to be stacked like cordwood quite yet this year. Either […]

An interesting development…

Seeing as this was the weekend to over sleep, then change plans at the last minute, (see yesterday’s blog entry, below) I hit the snooze button on the alarm twice this morning, then just shut it off the next time it tried to get me up. A quick check of Weather Underground when I finally […]