Last weekend in September.

Saturday, 9/25

My buddy Steve (aka Double Header) & I launched early at Niantic on Saturday, hoping to get 4 or 5 hours in before the wind picked up. Unfortunately, we barely got past the bridges before the wind picked up. We tried though, and caught a fair mix of bass and blues before deciding […]

Story that will bring a tear to your heart.

Don Barone — the poet laureate of bass fishing — on my friend, Terry Baksay. well worth the read.

Uncle Richie’s got a brand new toy!

I would not have thought in a million years that motor oil would be a productive color for a swimbait.

I would have been wrong.


Porgy and Bass

Apologies to Gershwin and Heyward. It just seemed such and appropriate title.

Went out of Niantic with Dave today. Caught a mix of stripers and blues, mostly on the smaller side, along with a ton of way above average sized porgies.


Where to start?

I was supposed to go to Bantam today with a buddy. He had to bail at the last minute. Unfortunately, I had already unhooked the boat and pulled all the rods & tackle I thought I’d use there out of it before I heard from him. I was too beat last night to load everything […]