That’s a little more like it.

After yesterday’s disturbingly slow day, Jim & I wanted to do something entirely different. So we hit a river for smallies. Three hours later, we’re wishing we hadn’t. On the trailer at 9:30 and we’re off to Mudge.

It wasn’t fast and furious, but we ended up with a couple more bass than yesterday […]

Since when do whitetails lie?

I’m usually a big believer in natural signs. Active wildlife equates to active fish, etc. This morning on the way to the lake, we saw more deer along the roadside and in adjacent fields than ever. And there was the largest flock of crows by the lake I’ve ever seen. A group of crows is […]

Inexplicably tough weekend

My son Tom & I fished Champlain this weekend. The weather was cloudy and warming on Saturday, and rainy on Sunday. Wind didn’t blow enough either day to be a factor at all. Everything pointed to this being an exceptional fishing weekend.


Busy fishing weekend

Saturday, 8/14

A saltwater trip with Steve & Dave wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad, either. After hooking up with a triple of stripers on our first drift we thought it was going to be gangbusters. But but things quickly settled down to a slow pick of stripers and blues, plus a sea bass and […]

Would it hold up for two days in a row?

Lakeville was so good to me yesterday that we figured we could smack ’em today.

First, we get to the ramp and there’s a club tournament.