I was a little concerned about fishing Champlain this weekend.

Between the Bass Open that ended Saturday and the FLW a week earlier, an awful lot bass had been relocated to the northern end of Champlain recently. How was the fishing likely to hold up in the lower end? How long can the VT and NY Fisheries managers keep allowing the size selective relocation of […]

Sunday morning at Lakeville

Jim & I hit the water at 7:30. Water temp 80+. Very slight algae tint to the water.

Worked relatively hard for 17 bass and a double barreled squatload of big pickerel between us.


Quick hitter Saturday morning

Had a picnic at my daughters house this afternoon, so I only had a few hours to fish this morning. Hatch is only about 45 minutes, and it’s pretty easy to fish the whole place very thoroughly in 3 hours or so. So that’s where I headed.


Returning to my roots.

This weekend was kind of a return to the places I used to fish.

Candlewood, for one. Love the fishery, and considered it my home waters for the better part of two decades. But I just can’t put up with the crowds any more, and being limited to fishing weekends for the most part, I […]

Independence Day Weekend

Saturday, 7/3

I joined Steve and Dave heading out of the Connecticut River for stripers, with a backup plan of fishing for fluke if the stripers weren’t hot. A couple schoolies on a jerkbait before leaving the river, then we each got a decent one early when we found them pushing bait under birds on […]