That fluke’s a fluke!

Went out striper fishing on the CT River. Fishing wasn’t nearly as good as yesterday. I only caught two good fish, and broke off another two. Broke the knot joining the leader to the braid both times, and both times on the rod that I put together last night to sub for the one a […]

Why do bluefish hate me?

Went striper fishing in the lower Connecticut River this morning. The topwater bite on the outgoing tide was great, but there were quite a few blues up to the 12~14 pound range mixed in with the bass. I’ve got nothing against bluefish. They bite aggressively, pull hard, and are more prone to an aerial battle […]

Old friends and a smorgasbord of fish.

Old friend and fellow outdoor writer, Darl Black and his wife from western PA are in state, and we try to fish together whenever one of us or the other are in the other’s territory for some reason. So Darl and Marilyn joined me at Lakeville this morning.

The fish cooperated. ALL the fish cooperated.


Only had a half-day to fish.

So I went to my designated, half-day pond — Hatch Pond. All the weather guys kept talking about for this weekend, was hot and sticky. So I was kind of surprised to find myself fishing post cold front conditions.


A BFW to get my head straight.

That’s Bass Fishing Weekend. With all the striper fishing I’ve been doing the past month and a half, I kind of needed a weekend fishing for my bread and butter fish – fresh water bass.