Early morning attack on the river.

Couldn’t find anyone to join me for an early morning trip on the river this morning, so I went alone. Put the boat in at 5:15, and pulled it out at 9:00, so I was out for just under 4 hours. Knock off the idle time between the bridges, and I probably had 3 hours […]

These @##$% stripers won’t let me go bass fishing!

I know I’m supposed to be a fresh water bass fisherman, but with this top water type action in shallow water going so strong, how can I turn my back on 30″ to 40″ stripers? It’ll be over before we know it, and I’ll be back in the sweetwater where I belong. In the meantime… […]

Lakeville post spawn.

Alex & I went to Lakeville today. Past experience tells me that there’s usually some bass still on beds at Lakeville until at least the 1st or 2nd week of June. Not this year.


And one more for the road.

I’m missing some of the best bass fishing of the year, but I know these stripers will only be in the rivers for so long, and the fishing is just too much fun, and too good to turn my back on. Back to the Connecticut River this morning, this time with Steve.


Back to the River

With stripers still in the Housy and Connecticut Rivers, and still apparently willing to hit a big soft bait on top, I couldn’t resist one more weekend after the linesides. Fished the Connecticut today with Alex.