About those weather forecasters…

They may get the snow storms all wrong, and completely miss on the forecasts most of the time. But when they predict strong winds, they always seem to nail it. Today, they predicted NNW winds, 25 to 35 with higher gusts, and they got it to a tee. In fact, they might’ve been a little […]

Pay attention on the water!

Last Sunday was but the latest in a long line of instances where paying attention to the cues and clues the fish and mother nature are constantly offering us resulted in a payoff of the big fish kind. We saw activity — a school of some kind of small fish (perhaps they were sunfish or […]

A challenging, but satisying day.

To me, any time the fish are ignoring the script and acting in some way other than what’s expected is a challenge. And any day I get to set the hook is satisfying. It’s satisfying too, when I have the opportunity to work out a fishing problem and solve one of those challenges that the […]

Ah! The comfort of home.

Lakeville. Wononscopomuc. The lake and its bass population fit me like a glove. It took about 15 minutes for me to feel right at home this morning — 6 months after I last fished the lake.

I was joined today by good friend, “Wild Bill” from NYBass.com. Given the 45 degree, mildly off colored water, […]

First LMB trip of the season

I stretched the winter schoolie season on the Housy as long as I could, but after a disappointing 39 fish day on the river yesterday, I knew it was time to shift gears and dust off my fresh water bass acumen — if I had any left after ignoring the sweet water for more than […]