Saturday was pretty good. But Sunday…

…Sunday was the kind of day you wait all year for.

I had expected to fish with Alex today. Alex couldn’t go. I think he was attacked by the honeydew list. So was Steve. Dave couldn’t make it. Jim? Well, once he sets the hook on his first pig largemouth of the year in March, […]

What happened to spring?

16 degrees last night. Ice in the guides all morning. Nasty, cold wind.

None of it mattered.


Some very interesting historic fishing photos in here…

LIFE Goes Fishing – Photo Gallery, 33 Pictures – LIFE.

2nd day of spring. Decent, but not like yesterday.

Was joined for the morning by Brennan from Trumbull, who had never caught a striper. He has now.


It’s spring.

The spring-like conditions (wait a minute. It wasn’t ‘spring-like’, it really was springtime, as today was the Vernal Equinox) brought out the fleet of wannabe striper fishermen on the river, as could easily have been predicted.