It’ll get steadily better from here on out

It certainly wasn’t like last weekend’s active fish feeding in current, but it wasn’t terrible, like the last few weeks prior to that, either. The flood conditions following all the snow and snow melt the last 4 days had the water temps down a bit, and had the lethargic fish milling around in spots out […]

Hey weather guys — WTF?

With this storm that’s been skirting around us for the past few days and is projected to sit squarely atop us until tomorrow morning, I’ve been watching the weather forecasts very closely — hoping against hope that I’d have a good window of the kind of conditions I need to get the boat out of […]

Congratulations to KVD

Today, Kevin VanDam won his 3rd BASSMasters Classic.

He won it in dominating fashion, surging from 2 oz back to a 5 pound margin of victory on the last day of competition. It was a strange tournament, in that the top 5 anglers all did basically the same thing (threw lipless crankbaits) in the […]

Two big drops on an otherwise excellent day

The fishing wasn’t quite as hot as it was yesterday, but Jim & I still managed to get 87 fish between us.

Jim got one about 29″, I had one over 30.


Best bite since December.

Steve & I took advantage of the first warm weekend day in just about forever, and got out on the Housy. The weathermen were talking about a lot of wind, but to be honest, it never really got all that windy.

And finally, the fish started biting again.