The lawmakers in Connecticut, faced with an historic budget deficit, have proven incredibly short sighted in their creative financing attempts. I can just imagine the committee meeting where the concept of doubling the fees the State charges for just about every permit, license and certificate it issues was conceived, with lawmakers doing their best Guinness […]

It doesn’t happen very often, but…

It was cold and unpleasant enough today to keep me from fishing. I slept in, knowing that it was going to be frigid at daybreak. When I finally checked at almost 9AM, it was 6 degrees. Predicted high for the day was 21, and that wasn’t supposed to happen until after noon. As I write […]

I would stay home tomorrow, but…

I’m going on the theory that the fish can’t possibly be that turned off two days in a row.

Steve & I worked our butts off today for a dozen schoolies apiece. No problem finding them, but big problems getting them to bite. It’s got to be better tomorrow. Doesn’t it?

The weather wasn’t as bad as predicted, but the fishing wasn’t as good as expected, so I guess it’s a wash

The prediction was for ‘ice pellets’ all morning, with rain all afternoon. Precipitation didn’t start until long after I left the water at noon, so that was good. It was cloudy and not uncomfortably cold, with very light and variable breezes. Unfortunately, the kind of strong fish activity we associate with the leading edge of […]

Finally, a comfortable day

Steve & I chopped ice at the ramp to get his boat in the water, first thing this morning. Then we fought our way through a lot of ice to get to a little open water here and there, and caught fish OK, for the most part. Then Jim joined us, and as the day […]