My 2009 Pictorial Retrospective

My 2009 Pictorial Retrospective, for anyone who might be interested.

The weather guys didn’t really see this one coming.

Last Saturday night, we got 10″ to 12″ of snow. Since then, until yesterday, the temperature has stayed consistently below freezing, with nights in the teens and single numbers and daytime highs in the 20s. On Thursday, the river was socked in with ice. Yesterday was supposed to be rainy and right above freezing, and […]

About as cold a day as I can remember fishing…

This week’s “storm of the decade” was supposed to start here around 10am. Of course it’s after 4 as I write this, and it still hasn’t started snowing. If those weather morons had a clue, they’d be dangerous.

Anyway, not sure whether 1t was the end-of-the-world weather predictions or just the frigid cold that kept […]

More schoolies

Getting the frozen, ice-sodden cover off the boat was no easy task this morning. Neither was getting the rear compartment open so I could unplug the charger. All the rest of the compartments remain frozen shut. But since I keep my striper gear portable because I fish with Steve and/or Alex so often during the […]


Regular readers probably know that TV weather guys are among my pet peeves. I hate their need to make themselves sound like something they’re not. (What the hell is a “futurecast?) I hate their penchant for inventing new terms for every day words. (Ponding? didn’t we used to call that puddles?) Most of all, I […]