And so it begins…

Might seem odd for a guy in the north to be talking about the beginning of a new season at this time of the year, but that’s where I’m at. My “fishing season” has long ended with the last cold water largemouth trip of the year — typically on either Lake Zoar, Lillinonah or The […]

Weekend of 11/14 & 15

Saturday, it didn’t rain nearly as bad as had been predicted, and the winds were virtually nil, despite the Chicken Little weather forecasters’ prognostications that called for 15 to 22 with gusts to 30. The weather kept me home until I decided that the predictions were flat out wrong, and headed for Zoar.


Clockwork green

I have been waiting for this all year, just like every year.

“THIS” is the aggregation of largemouth bass on deep, rocky drop-offs after the lake I live next to — Lake Zoar — is done turning over in the fall. It’s like clock work. The big green fish begin showing up on the deepest, […]

Another detour to the dark side.

My plan for Saturday 10/31 had been in place for a month. It would be the last day that Lakeville would be open to fishing. And this is the first time in several years that the lake has turned over prior to the end of the month. I was anxious to get out and do […]