I haven’t been this excited about a new product since…

…well, since I don’t know when. Side imaging sonar, probably. Nah, this is even more attractive to me.

I don’t excite easily. I’m old and by nature, I’m skeptical to the point of being jaded. But despite not even having seen it yet, I’m excited about the Minnkota i-Pilotâ„¢ that’s due to start shipping next […]

Champlain Smallies

My buddy Mike joined me for the trek up to Ti this past weekend. We picked up my son Tom in Fair Haven, VT at 7:15 or so on Saturday morning, and were in the water at Ti by 8. Saturday’s weather was dead-on perfect for late season smallie fishing. Not really warm, but not […]

Wow. It’s been a while…

It’s been so long since I posted something on the blog, you might think I haven’t been fishing in a couple weeks or more.

I did get kind of lost on the dark side, fishing salt water for a couple consecutive weekends, but have been fooling with river smallies more recently.

I love the late […]

Tip-toeing around the dark side…

Fished the salt for a change last weekend. Went with a couple buddies, so for me it was like a vacation trip. Don’t think, just cast and every now and then, set the hook. Lots of fun a medium light, fresh water bass gear.