Drizzly Sunday

The weathermen seemed to all be telling us we’d get an all day soaking on Sunday. Turned out to be more of an intermittent drizzle. But the cloud cover held and the wind didn’t blow. To me, that combo spells good fishing. And that’s exactly what we experienced.


A little different day

We had the first real, nasty cold front of the fall move in here yesterday, and it kind of sat on us for today, making today a classic, tough fishing day. Decided that a river would be a better place to fish than a lake under these conditions, so my buddy Jim & I set […]


For those not old enough to remember, 45 years or so ago, there was a TV show entitled TW3, which stood for This Was The Week That Was. Figured I’d borrow the title for this week.

In any case, my fishing results over the past week or so have been varied. I started at a […]

A tale well told…

My friend and occasional fishing partner, Mike O’Mara posted an interesting fishing report on the CTF website the other day. Mike’s a blues bassist and life long avid angler. Looks like he also has some skills as a writer, as I felt that he really conveyed the excitement of the event. I enjoyed his writeup […]

This is important, dammit!

The CT DEP has been mandated by legislation to conduct a survey of C’wood boaters. It’s obvious from some of the questions that it’s been written, or at least influenced, by the anti-bass fishing crowd. Everyone who fishes there should take a few moments to print the form, fill it out, and mail it in. […]