The lake with the name that shall not be spoken.

The best two out of 35 or so on the day.

Hmmm. I seem to have missed a week.

OK, here’s a quick synopsis.

Fished Lakeville on Saturday and Hatch on Sunday. Both were good.


Champlain in a heat wave.

Overall, despite a slow Saturday afternoon, the hot and muggy weekend just past was the best Champlain trip of the year for us. So far, anyway.

My wife & I drove up Friday night, and Tom, his wife and grand-daughter met us at Sportsman’s Cabins just about daybreak on Saturday.

Saturday, August 15

Tom and […]

Weird markings on bullhead

A caught this strangely marked bullhead a quarter mile or so south of Fields Bay on Lake Champlain this past weekend. Never seen anything like it. There were numerous orangey looking blotches — a couple on its back and a few more on its flanks. The pattern of the blotched looked almost symmetrical.

Note […]

Another Champlain Weekend.

I wasn’t planning on a Champlain trip this weekend until a buddy invited me to ride up with him. We ended up taking his truck and my boat. Judging by last week’s muddy water reports, I wanted to get as far north as possible within the lower lake area, to get away from all the […]