What was wrong with the word forecast?

This entry is just a rant, and has nothing to do with fishing, other than as fishermen, we tend to pay more attention to the weather forecasts than a lot of other folks. What’s with the “Futurecast! Tomorrow’s weather today!” promos that seem to be cropping up on most of the local news shows? Didn’t […]

Why I love lake Champlain

Well, to answer the title question, because the fishing’s good, even when it’s not.

We had planned to use my son’s boat this weekend, but he had starter issues, so at the last minute, I hooked mine up and dragged it up with me.

Saturday, 7/25

Launched at Benson Landing at about 7 Saturday morning. […]

Reverse anthropomorphism

No room for anthropomorphism in fishing

When some “authority” whether it’s a seminar speaker, outdoor writer or TV fisherman, tells you that to solve whatever fishing problem he is discussing you must try to “Think like a fish,” the odds are almost certain that he is about to lead you down a dead end path. […]

Another Lakeville weekend.

I had no intention of fishing Lakeville at all this weekend. I wanted to be at Champlain. I was supposed to be at Champlain. I really, really, was. But it didn’t happen, and now it looks like it won’t be until the end of the month. So I ended up at Lakeville again on Saturday.


So do we really have a new world record largemouth bass?

On July 2nd, a Japanese angler fishing Lake Biwa caught a largemouth bass reportedly weighing just a hair shy of 22 pounds and 5 ounces. That would be bigger than the recognized world record, but by less than an ounce. […]