Return to the drop shot zone

I took a solo trip to Lakeville on Saturday, which isn’t really a bad thing, because it allows me the freedom to do some things that I’d be uncomfortable doing with a partner in the boat. Like sit in one spot and make the same basic cast over and over for close to 3 hours.


Drag? We don’t need no stinking drag!

Backreeling puts YOU in control!

When you’re fighting a fish — especially with light line — the ‘experts’ tell you your drag should slip freely and smoothly, allowing the fish to take line as it wants.

Bullhockey! Who does that leave in control? The fish? Hey… that’s a great idea. Let the fish control the […]

Champlain — better late than even later.

Despite the fact that it’s 160 miles away, I consider Champlain my home lake, and put in as many hours there as possible evey season. Usually by mid-June, I’ve got 5 days or more on Champlain. This year, I finally got up there for my first trip on the weekend of the 13th. I was […]

Your weekly Lakeville report is brought to you by…

It seems like I’ve been fishing Lakeville just about every weekend this season. This week was going to be different. The plan — at least from my end, was to repeat last weekend’s deal, and do Waramaug until 11, then finish the day off at Hatch. But my buddy Jim had spent all day Friday […]

Slick trailer bunks

If you’re like me, and like your boat to slide on and off the drive on trailer easily, but not like greased lightning, try using Armor All or the equivalent on the trailer bunks. I know guys who use a silicone spray, but in my experience, that’s too slick. Armor All (I actually use the […]