Another day, a different story

As the eagle flies, East Twin Lake is about 5 miles away from Lake Wononscopomuc. Both are deep, clear, natural lakes. But they couldn’t be farther apart or less alike in their bass populations.


Another banner day at Wononscopomuc

Chris & I hit the water a few minutes past 7, and fished until almost 5. Never caught a fish deeper than about 8 feet. If I couldn’t see bottom, I couldn’t get bit, is about it. I ended up with 38, and Chris had 26. But he had the biggest LM of the day, […]

When the going gets tough, the smart guys go to easy.

Friday, it was in the upper 80s. Yesterday morning, it was in the upper 70s. It poured all night, and this morning, it was in the mid-60s before daybreak. After daybreak the temp dropped into the 40s, and stayed below 60 all day, with heavy clouds, a lot of rain early, and sustained 20+ winds. […]

What’s with all the pigs at Candlewood this spring?

Over the past 25 years, Candlewood Lake — Connecticut’s largest lake — has morphed from a great largemouth fishery into an even greater smallmouth fishery. Smallmouth have so dominated the catch there in recent years, that regulars have wondered where all the largemouth went.

Apparently, they’ve just been hiding. And growing. The number of 4, […]

Super shallow bass

Saturday afternoon, I caught a load of bass in a foot or less of water on a soft, silty, mucky bottom. Kind of reminded me of a trip a number of years back with former BASS pro from Danbury, CT, Frankie Giner.

We were fishing a small lake in New York State, and the fish […]