Finding a prespawn bonanza

One of the basic tenets of my overall fishing outlook/philosophy is that seasonally appropriate trends (warming in spring and early summer, stable in summer and cooling in fall) almost always result increased fish activity, while what I call anti-seasonal weather patterns (spring summer cold fronts or fall warm fronts) turn them off.

We are currently […]

Lakeville is like crack to me.

My name is Rich, and I’m a Lakeville-oholic.

Actually, I guess it’s setting the hook and feeling a fish that outpulls its weight at the other end of the line that I’m addicted to, and Lakeville Lake — aka Lake Wononscopomuc — serves up that opportunity in spades! I fished it last weekend. I fished […]

Hot Saturday

Went from fishing with the Under Armor on to fishing in shorts, in one week.

Actually, we started Saturday morning out at West Hill. But there was a tourney going on there, and everywhere you might have wanted to fish, there was a boat or two planted. Not to mention dodging way too many trout […]

Largemouth fishing… FINALLY!

I know I was supposed to turn away from the stripers after last week, but since I could only fish a few hours in the afternoon yesterday, I ended up on the river with a buddy and caught 24 schoolies in 3 hours. Still, here it was the 19th of April, and I was still […]

Ready to put down the striper gear for a while.

It’s been a good winter chasing schoolies in the tidal Housatonic, but it really feels good to be getting my gear in order for some fresh water bass fishing this weekend.

Most of my bass fishing buddies have been hammering away at them for the last few weekends, with mixed results. But the one […]