Sun, sun and more sun.

On Tuesday, I fished with Steve Durkee. It was sunny, and our two keepers both came before the sun got over the treeline on the eastern horizon. A lot of moving and experimenting kept us on fish most of the time, but the bite was anything but hot.

Hey Carl, that’s not a striper!


To the sweetwater!

Jimfish's pond boat ready to take on the day.

Here it is the middle of April and I’ve been so preoccupied chasing stripers that until today, I hadn’t been fishing for freshwater bass. Figured it was time to change that, so I joined Jimfish for a day on the pond.

With bass likely in early prespawn mode and some pretty strong winds forecast for […]

Turnover. Not the apple or blueberry kind. The flat out nasty kind.

I cannot recall ever having been on a small lake while it was as deeply involved in turning over as Mudge Pond was today. Jimfish had been there Wednesday, and found 50 degree, clear, clean water, with lots of fresh new weeds starting to grow in areas that had been completely denuded in August.

Today, […]

I’ve been to the fish on a lake with no name.

Well, it has a name. But I always call it the pond whose name shall not be spoken.

Jimfish and I launched the boat about 7:30 this morning, and didn’t catch a fish until about 8. But once we started catching them, we caught them pretty good for most of the day. No toads — […]

It’s a good thing I’m a “glass half full” kinda guy…

…otherwise, I might be tempted to make a negative post about today’s fishing results.

But I want to keep things upbeat and positive, so here goes.

Fishing sucked.

It sucked at Mudge.

It sucked more at Lakeville.

If we had more time, we could have found someplace else that sucked, too.

That’ the best thing […]