Fishing with Jimfish

Housy on 12/1

Jimfish and I hit the Housy on Friday morning, and had what has lately become the typical striper day. Almost 350 schoolies, but no keepers. Despite the wind and bright sun, we did catch a couple dozen of them on topwater, so that added to the fun. No keepers, so no pictures, […]

Giving the cold water largemouth a shot

After a whole lot of years of fishing it, the tree at the left of the WiFish image from my Dragonfly Probably has a bigger and better assortment of my 1 ounce jigs buried in its limbs than I have in my tackle bag!

Every year, I try to make one or two late season trips to fish for largemouth in either Zoar or Lillinonah when the water gets into the low forties. I had a short window open to fish on Saturday, and the weather forecast was certainly amicable, so I gave Jimfish a shout and set it […]

Ill advised trip to Lakeville

Not sure what possessed me to go fishing to a lake that’s effectively electric only with the forecast calling for 15 to 20 mph winds. But that’s what we did today.

Turned out, the wind wasn’t an issue. It blew, but at least while we were out (8AM to 2:30PM) nothing like the forecast called […]

Back to the sweet side of bassin’

After two days of striper fishing, today, I took Yasunori to Mudge, for a shot at a big largemouth. Overall, the bite wasn’t great, but when you start with one like this, 20 minutes into the day, there’s no way to be disappointed.

That fish, along with a couple more came on the big […]

The “Champlain Trip” with Yasunori Imai

Thirty years ago, Yasunori Imai — a Japanese bass angler and long-time fan of my work in various outdoor publications as far back as the ’70s — came to the U.S. to fish with me and with Tom Seward, who wrote in some of the same publications I used to in those days.

This October, […]