Two days that looked similar but couldn’t have been more different, fishwise.


Steve Durkee and I hit the river early Friday morning, and I was rewarded with a 31 inch keeper during the morning twilight period. Caught a few more fish in that area, but nothing that was going to keep us there for very long. We soon started a milk run of spots with a […]

Slightly better than last time out

This one (and a lot of others) ate a jerkbait

And by slightly, I mean many magnitudes.

Steve and I hit the river early. Our first couple spots produced some fish, but the action certainly didn’t warm the cockles of our hearts. The water temp seemed surprisingly chilly, given the weather we’ve had the last couple days. The next spot was a good deal warmer. […]

Just when you think you’re on to something…

After putting 150 fish including 26 keepers into the boat yesterday, and enjoying topwater action all morning, Steve Durkee and I thought we had their number, and were looking for bigger and better things today.

We launched just before daybreak, and gave Carl Lovisolo’s partner Patrick, a ride out to Carl’s boat. Steve put the […]

Things are heating up on the Housy

As good as the action has been since April arrived, it’s about to get better. Topwater season is here in earnest.

With the water temp in the mid forties and rising, Steve Durkee and I threw soft plastics on jigheads today. Jerkbaits too. Both caught us plenty of fish. But we threw unweighted soft plastics […]

Better than your average Saturday

Maybe it was because of the opening of trout season.

Maybe the early morning air temp in the mid thirties had something to do with it.

Perhaps it was the sustained 15 to 20 mph northwest winds in the forecast for the day.

Whatever the reasons, for a sunny, weekend in April, the tidal Housy […]