A little skim ice, plenty of mud, a whole lot of oil, and oh yeah, a bunch of fat girls.

Alex getting ready to put a lip lock on his 2nd fat girl of the day.

The river is slowly clearing from last week’s rain and snow melt, but it’s still off color enough to keep the fat girls chewing a bit. The big deal today though (other than the fishing) was how quickly and how hard yesterday’s oil spill in Waterbury hit the Housatonic.

Regardless of having to wipe it […]

The river wasn’t quite as ice free as expected

Skim ice was pretty much shore-to-shore when Alex and I launched his boat just before 7 this morning, and for the first couple hours, 90% of our fishing was done with the line straight up and down through small openings in the ice, as it was pretty much impossible to cast. Kind of like […]

That’s better. But where did my big fish mojo go?

Daybreak on a calm river.

After ten days or so of not getting on the water, Steve Durkee and I hit the Housy on the morning of the 18th.

The last time I had been out prior to that, close to 100 of the 200 and some-odd fish Jimfish and I caught, had come on unweighted soft plastics, fished either […]

Conditions were not quite what I was hoping for…

Over the weekend, the prediction for Tuesday’s weather was warm and windy with heavy rain. Depending on which weather outlet I checked, the projected rainfall total ranged from just under an inch to close to 1.5 inches. I planned my fishing around that forecast, skipping what looked like a very wet and windy day on […]

Fishing with Jimfish

Housy on 12/1

Jimfish and I hit the Housy on Friday morning, and had what has lately become the typical striper day. Almost 350 schoolies, but no keepers. Despite the wind and bright sun, we did catch a couple dozen of them on topwater, so that added to the fun. No keepers, so no pictures, […]