The river is a different place on the weekend.

When Steve Durkee and I launched at about 5:30 this morning, we were the only boat on the river. When we were headed in a bit after two, the parking lot was full of trailers.

Cruising back to the ramp at the end of our day.

We fished from near the Derby ramp to […]

Slightly better than last time out

This one (and a lot of others) ate a jerkbait

And by slightly, I mean many magnitudes.

Steve and I hit the river early. Our first couple spots produced some fish, but the action certainly didn’t warm the cockles of our hearts. The water temp seemed surprisingly chilly, given the weather we’ve had the last couple days. The next spot was a good deal warmer. […]

Yesterday’s short trip

Photo courtesy of Phil Co

Was so tired from 3 consecutive days on the river that I chose sleep over writing a blog entry yesterday. So here it is, a day late.

Steve & I hit the water a day break again, knowing we had to be off by 11:30 for him to make his dental appointment. After two days […]

The winds were “variable” today.

Our last keeper in the boat came at 6:17 and went 30-1/2

When we launched Steve’s boat in the dark this morning, we knew the calm winds wouldn’t last, and we were glad to be getting out ahead of the wind. And we were glad we did, as we had a great flurry of big fish activity before a wind about twice as strong as the worst […]

A little behind in the blog department

Fished with Alex last Sunday, but the fishing was decidedly unspectacular, so I told myself, I’d just wait and combine that report with one for Tuesday, when I’d be going out with Carl & his buddy Jeff. The fishing was marginally better on Tuesday, but not better enough to justify a blog. Best to wait […]