Cabin fever

Haven’t fished since the 8th of the month. Maybe it was the 9th. Seems so long ago that I don’t remember for sure. I do remember that the last time I was out, Jimfish and I each got a load of fish on topwater stuff. Looking at my rods in the corner, I still have […]

Text book day at Mudge

That sky does not look inviting at all

Some days, you wonder if everything you think you know about bass behavior is wrong. And there’s other days, when the fish seem to follow the script to a tee. Rarely though, do you experience a day in which weather conditions change steadily through the course of the day to the extent that you can […]

Odd & ends

I’m three days into a forced week-and-a-day abstinence from fishing — the byproduct of strabismus surgery on the 24th.

I’m none too happy that I’ve missed three days of what appeared to be perfect fishing conditions, with each day since the surgery dawning cloudy and still. Now it’s getting warm and the humidity is rising. […]

Product Review: Millenium Custom Rods.

Back in the ’70s and ’80s I was into building my own rods. The rods I used to build myself were pretty utilitarian — built for the lightest weight and most sensitivity the components available at the time that fit my budget afforded. They functioned great and caught thousands of fish. But works of art? […]