In case you were wondering

where the fishing reports have been…

Well, in what seems to be an almost annual autumn occurrence, medical issues are keeping me off the water. And my medical issues always seem to have complications that cut further into my fishing time.

Anyone who has spoken with me over the past few months knows that I’ve […]

Asshat encounter on the river.

Steve & I hit the river early today, putting in just after 5:30. We also left pretty early, back on the trailer well before 1.

In between, we caught a load of fish, but the overwhelming majority of them were little guys. Very little guys.

I did have a couple keepers in training, and a […]

The trip that didn’t happen

Snce the water has cleared back up, the early bite has been strong, and the drop off in fishing results once the sun is up so severe and predictable, that after coming in at noon yesterday, I started making plans for a super-early outing today.

The idea was to get on the water about 90 […]

It’s official. I hate weather forecasters. All of ’em.

Had planned to fish Hatch today. The paid prognosticators on the TV and the internet told me that the 8AM to noon window would be fraught with T-Storms in that area. They tossed around all the usual alarmist buzz words.

Storm Cells Super Cells Hail High Winds Heavy Rain Dangerous Lightning (is there such a […]

Two weeks plus…

I don’t care how frozen it is, that’s a moving tidal river, and the ice can’t be trusted! Thanks to Leon Sylvester for the photo.

Two weeks plus with no fishing, and no change likely for quite some time.

I thought last year was bad as far as ice on the tidal Housy was […]