One more shot at the salty side

With only a few days left of his stay in the U.S. Yasunori Imai wanted to catch a bluefish, so we took a ride down the Housy yeaterday morning.

We encountered water from 66 to over 70 degrees. We put in at Derby just before high tide, and pulled out (more on that later) a […]

Jimfish joined Yasunori and I today — ostensibly for a trip to East Twin.

Yasunori Imai had the best one of our paltry morning catch at East Twin

We worked our collective butts off for the better part of 3½ hours with only 3 bass, a few pickerel and a rock bass to show […]

Housy and Long Island Sound this morning.

Steve Durkee and I met at the Derby ramp this morning, and wasted little time before heading down river. The first time we stopped on a bunch of arcs, I hooked up on the first cast and managed to break the fish off. Forgot that I had cranked the drag down tight when using that […]

Was today the last hurrah for the Housy?

Steve and I had planned to fish the Connecticut River today, as it seemed to us that the action in the Housy had fallen way off toward the end of last week. But with the prediction for heavy rain combined with 20-plus winds out of the east, we opted for the narrower and more protected […]

Sun, sun and more sun.

On Tuesday, I fished with Steve Durkee. It was sunny, and our two keepers both came before the sun got over the treeline on the eastern horizon. A lot of moving and experimenting kept us on fish most of the time, but the bite was anything but hot.

Hey Carl, that’s not a striper!