A little skim ice, plenty of mud, a whole lot of oil, and oh yeah, a bunch of fat girls.

Alex getting ready to put a lip lock on his 2nd fat girl of the day.

The river is slowly clearing from last week’s rain and snow melt, but it’s still off color enough to keep the fat girls chewing a bit. The big deal today though (other than the fishing) was how quickly and how hard yesterday’s oil spill in Waterbury hit the Housatonic.

Regardless of having to wipe it […]

After the storm.

There are nearly a dozen oyster boats crammed into the narrow channel just inside the river mouth in this picture.

Fished the Housatonic with Steve yesterday. Except for a mile or so of river about half way down, the water color wasn’t nearly as bad as we had feared it would be. The current on the other hand, and the height of the river, both showed the effects of the big rainstorm earlier in the […]

Today was NOT yesterday.

Yesterday… a thing of beauty and joy. Calm. Cloudy. Warm. Bait everywhere. Stripers everywhere. Much chewing. Much happiness.

Today… An ugly mess. Windy. Cloudy. Cold. Bait here and there. Stripers here and there, but nowhere for very long. Little chewing. Much frustration.

Yesterday… fished alone, from 9:30 or so until a little after 3. Caught […]

Candlewood Lake user survey results

Back in September, I blogged the DEP’s Candlewood Lake user survey. Well, the results are in, and guess what? The lake residents seem to blame fishermen, and especially bass tourneys, for all the problems they perceive on the lake. And vice versa.

Click for results.

Weird markings on bullhead

A caught this strangely marked bullhead a quarter mile or so south of Fields Bay on Lake Champlain this past weekend. Never seen anything like it. There were numerous orangey looking blotches — a couple on its back and a few more on its flanks. The pattern of the blotched looked almost symmetrical.

Note […]