Text book day at Mudge

That sky does not look inviting at all

Some days, you wonder if everything you think you know about bass behavior is wrong. And there’s other days, when the fish seem to follow the script to a tee. Rarely though, do you experience a day in which weather conditions change steadily through the course of the day to the extent that you can […]

Resurrecting an old friend

Decorative wraps? In the old days, when my eyesight was better, why not?

Today, I brought a rod I built in (or maybe it was before) 1975 out of retirement. Blank-through-handle casting rods were something of a rarity back then. Typical casting rods had detachable pistol grips, and ranged between 5 and 5-1/2 feet […]

What exactly is going on in the Housy this year?

To quote Buffalo Springfield:

There’s something happening here What it is ain’t exactly clear.

The something to which I refer has to do with the overwinter striper population in the Housatonic. It’s changed. Dramatically.

All winter long, I complained about the lack of a bite. The big, thick schools were still there, but […]

The trip that didn’t happen

Snce the water has cleared back up, the early bite has been strong, and the drop off in fishing results once the sun is up so severe and predictable, that after coming in at noon yesterday, I started making plans for a super-early outing today.

The idea was to get on the water about 90 […]

Everything’s changed except…

Water temp is down to within a degree or so of freezing, where it’s not actual ice.

90% of the river from just below the mouth of the Naugy to at least as far as Sunnyside Ramp was skimmed over or worse when we launched this morning. I knew that the only thing keeping it […]