After the storm.

There are nearly a dozen oyster boats crammed into the narrow channel just inside the river mouth in this picture.

Fished the Housatonic with Steve yesterday. Except for a mile or so of river about half way down, the water color wasn’t nearly as bad as we had feared it would be. The current on the other hand, and the height of the river, both showed the effects of the big rainstorm earlier in the […]

Today was NOT yesterday.

Yesterday… a thing of beauty and joy. Calm. Cloudy. Warm. Bait everywhere. Stripers everywhere. Much chewing. Much happiness.

Today… An ugly mess. Windy. Cloudy. Cold. Bait here and there. Stripers here and there, but nowhere for very long. Little chewing. Much frustration.

Yesterday… fished alone, from 9:30 or so until a little after 3. Caught […]

Resurrecting an old friend

Decorative wraps? In the old days, when my eyesight was better, why not?

Today, I brought a rod I built in (or maybe it was before) 1975 out of retirement. Blank-through-handle casting rods were something of a rarity back then. Typical casting rods had detachable pistol grips, and ranged between 5 and 5-1/2 feet […]

Asshat encounter on the river.

Steve & I hit the river early today, putting in just after 5:30. We also left pretty early, back on the trailer well before 1.

In between, we caught a load of fish, but the overwhelming majority of them were little guys. Very little guys.

I did have a couple keepers in training, and a […]

It’s official. I hate weather forecasters. All of ’em.

Had planned to fish Hatch today. The paid prognosticators on the TV and the internet told me that the 8AM to noon window would be fraught with T-Storms in that area. They tossed around all the usual alarmist buzz words.

Storm Cells Super Cells Hail High Winds Heavy Rain Dangerous Lightning (is there such a […]