Well, so much for Branford

Or so it would seem, anyway.

The reefs that we’ve been catching most of our fish on and around for the past couple weeks seem to have acquired some new residents.

This is NOT a picture from this morning. Just a random seal pic off the internet. But this is what the smug little […]

The day was hot. The fishing – not.

I was up in the air about where to fish today — Lakeville or Twin.

I wouldn’t use the term adamant, but Jimfish was pretty vocal in his preference for a Twin Lakes outing.

So I’m blaming him for the lousy fishing day we endured.

We fished from about 7 until almost 2, and put […]

A salty sojourn for a Tuesday morning

Steve Durkee and I visited the Thimble Islands area around Branford again this morning, arriving just before dead low tide, and catching fish through most of the incoming.

A gaggle of geese seems to have made the new boat ramp their home. Geese on a concrete boat ramp can make for a pretty slippery situation, […]

Revisiting one of my old haunts

Congamond used to be one of my favorite places to fish. I started fishing there in the ’70s. In the ’80s, I used to trek up there at least a few times a month from April through October. Then, in the mid-nineties, Half-Day Frank and I would hit it frequently and hard.

It had a […]

Piscatorial smorgasbord on the Sound

Steve Durkee and I enjoy fishing the Branford area of the Sound because of all the rocky islands, humps reefs and so forth. You always seem to have a fishy looking spot within casting range. But with the state ramp in Branford closed for renovations for the past couple years, we haven’t had the opportunity […]