Ill advised trip to Lakeville

Not sure what possessed me to go fishing to a lake that’s effectively electric only with the forecast calling for 15 to 20 mph winds. But that’s what we did today.

Turned out, the wind wasn’t an issue. It blew, but at least while we were out (8AM to 2:30PM) nothing like the forecast called […]

One more shot at the salty side

With only a few days left of his stay in the U.S. Yasunori Imai wanted to catch a bluefish, so we took a ride down the Housy yeaterday morning.

We encountered water from 66 to over 70 degrees. We put in at Derby just before high tide, and pulled out (more on that later) a […]

Jimfish joined Yasunori and I today — ostensibly for a trip to East Twin.

Yasunori Imai had the best one of our paltry morning catch at East Twin

We worked our collective butts off for the better part of 3½ hours with only 3 bass, a few pickerel and a rock bass to show […]

The “Champlain Trip” with Yasunori Imai

At the moment, this page is just a place-holder for the write up on our 4 day trip to points north, which might not get written until my friend Yasunori leaves for Japan next week.


Carl hooked up. Again.

Three men in a tub.

They were joined in the tub (for quick visits only) by way too many fish to even think about counting.

Carl Lovisolo and I joined Steve Durkee for a Connecticut River/Long Island Sound trip yesterday.

It started early with a triple header striper hookup within minutes after shutting down the […]