The day was hot. The fishing – not.

I was up in the air about where to fish today — Lakeville or Twin.

I wouldn’t use the term adamant, but Jimfish was pretty vocal in his preference for a Twin Lakes outing.

So I’m blaming him for the lousy fishing day we endured.

We fished from about 7 until almost 2, and put […]

Piscatorial smorgasbord on the Sound

Steve Durkee and I enjoy fishing the Branford area of the Sound because of all the rocky islands, humps reefs and so forth. You always seem to have a fishy looking spot within casting range. But with the state ramp in Branford closed for renovations for the past couple years, we haven’t had the opportunity […]

Midweek Lillinonah trip – Short and not so sweet

I am not a big fan of Lillinonah in the summertime. Actually, much like Zoar, I spend little time there when the water’s above 45 or so. But the way things worked out today, that’s where I felt like I could go.

So I did.

Spent about 6 hours on the water, but to tell […]

Largemouth fishing at Mudge

Carl Lovisolo and I took the new Ranger up to Mudge on Friday. It started out chilly (56!), rainy and with a stiff northerly breeze, and after an hour or so, morphed into a cool (mid 60s), calm, and intermittently drizzly day.

Seemed like perfect conditions for shallow, aggressive bass. I caught my first few […]

A decent day on the sound

I joined Steve Durkee for a day chasing stripers on Long Island Sound today. As usual, we launched in the lower Connecticut River, but other than a very quick pass on one small stretch of river, we didn’t spend any time or effort there. The run-off from the monsoons to our north a few days […]