Schoolie-fest on the sound

Steve Durkee and I launched his boat at the Baldwin Bridge ramp on the Connecticut River at first light this morning, and left the dirty, 42 degree river immediately, looking for clearer and/or warmer conditions out in the sound. We found cleaner and marginally warmer water pretty quickly, and started catching fish as soon as […]

The Sound was kind to us today

Early on, the topwater bite was great, but eventually, the sun, wind and tide combined to make a jigging approach much more productive.

When Steve Durkee and I launched his boat on the lower Connecticut River this morning, we had no expectations of catching anything in the cold, muddy river. We stopped for a quick check on a couple spots that we marked what may or may not have been bait, but we were hell bent on getting […]

After the storm.

There are nearly a dozen oyster boats crammed into the narrow channel just inside the river mouth in this picture.

Fished the Housatonic with Steve yesterday. Except for a mile or so of river about half way down, the water color wasn’t nearly as bad as we had feared it would be. The current on the other hand, and the height of the river, both showed the effects of the big rainstorm earlier in the […]

Catching up…

Got a bit behind on the blogging.

Steve Durkee and I fished the Connecticut River on Friday, and it was beyond awesome. Stripers chasing schools of peanut bunker everywhere. We caught them on topwater plugs and on unweighted soft baits fished on top until the boat traffic got busy and it seemed to hurt that […]

Today was NOT yesterday.

Yesterday… a thing of beauty and joy. Calm. Cloudy. Warm. Bait everywhere. Stripers everywhere. Much chewing. Much happiness.

Today… An ugly mess. Windy. Cloudy. Cold. Bait here and there. Stripers here and there, but nowhere for very long. Little chewing. Much frustration.

Yesterday… fished alone, from 9:30 or so until a little after 3. Caught […]