4 days in the North country

Champlain produces a lot of quality fish, but fish over 6 aren't all that common there. This one's closer to 7. It ate an ayu SwimFish.

I no longer get up to Lake Champlain 6 times or more per year like I did 8 or 9 years ago. These days, it’s once or at most, twice. But when I go, it’s usually for 3 or 4 days, and my son Tom and I try to spend as many hours as possible […]

Unexpectedly tough day at Champlain

First time to Champlain this year. Met my son at Sportsmans’ Cabins and Campground at 9 this morning, and we were all settled in to the cabin and had his boat in the water and were off fishing by 9:30.

Naturally, we started in our best spot in the Chimney Point/Crown Point area. 90 minutes […]

Champlain, like it’s supposed to be!

I’ve been hearing and reading that the fishing at Lake Champlain — my favorite place to fish — has been off this year. The three days I just spent there fishing with my son Tom, it was anything but. In fact, I’d call it spectacular!

We try to spend the weekend closest to Tom’s birthday […]

Champlain — October in August?

It was a very strange Champlain trip with Tom. Our wives and Tom’s mother-in-law accompanied us for a weekend at the Sportsman’s Cottages and Campground, and to celebrate Tom’s 49th birthday. Thought I felt geezerly before. But now I have a 49 year old son!

Friday, 8/15

Only one I got a selfy of […]

My “Champlain weekend”, 2014

The quotes in the title are because it wasn’t really a weekend, and we spent one day of the trip elsewhere. That’s the drill these days, but we still think of these trips as Champlain weekends.

This trip had some large shoes to fill. It was scheduled to try to match the incredible, post spawn […]