The “Champlain Trip” with Yasunori Imai

Thirty years ago, Yasunori Imai — a Japanese bass angler and long-time fan of my work in various outdoor publications as far back as the ’70s — came to the U.S. to fish with me and with Tom Seward, who wrote in some of the same publications I used to in those days.

This October, […]

4 days in the North country

Champlain produces a lot of quality fish, but fish over 6 aren't all that common there. This one's closer to 7. It ate an ayu SwimFish.

I no longer get up to Lake Champlain 6 times or more per year like I did 8 or 9 years ago. These days, it’s once or at most, twice. But when I go, it’s usually for 3 or 4 days, and my son Tom and I try to spend as many hours as possible […]

Unexpectedly tough day at Champlain

First time to Champlain this year. Met my son at Sportsmans’ Cabins and Campground at 9 this morning, and we were all settled in to the cabin and had his boat in the water and were off fishing by 9:30.

Naturally, we started in our best spot in the Chimney Point/Crown Point area. 90 minutes […]

Champlain, like it’s supposed to be!

I’ve been hearing and reading that the fishing at Lake Champlain — my favorite place to fish — has been off this year. The three days I just spent there fishing with my son Tom, it was anything but. In fact, I’d call it spectacular!

We try to spend the weekend closest to Tom’s birthday […]

Champlain — October in August?

It was a very strange Champlain trip with Tom. Our wives and Tom’s mother-in-law accompanied us for a weekend at the Sportsman’s Cottages and Campground, and to celebrate Tom’s 49th birthday. Thought I felt geezerly before. But now I have a 49 year old son!

Friday, 8/15

Only one I got a selfy of […]